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Wagon Vs Suv

Posted on 02 April, 2018 by Luca
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arctic-methane-emergency-group.org -Wagon Vs Suv As nouns the difference between suv and wagon is that suv is water while wagon is a four-wheeled cart for hauling loads. As a verb wagon is to transport by means of a wagon.

1. Wagons Vs Suvs

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Wagon Vs Suv v, or suv? which one is for me?. The line between what was a wagon and what was an SUV used to be pretty clear. They were both body on frame monsters, but a wagon usually looked like a car, and an SUV looked like a truck. There weren't many SUVs to choose from, and there weren't many on the road anyway. But recently, the line

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Suvs versus wagons. A sedan-based wagon is usually lighter than a similarly-sized SUV. This means better fuel economy and lower costs for servicing and tyres. It also sits closer to the bitumen, with a lower centre of gravity, so it’s more agile and stable, especially when cornering or in an emergency manoeuvre.

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