Why we love Mad Men Style Dresses

Hey folks, so I don’t know about you, but I have found myself glued to Mad Men week in week out for the last few years. I’ve increasingly found myself becoming less and less concerned with what is actually happening, and more and more concerned with what the characters are wearing! Many a time the episode will end and my friends will say ‘Wow I can’t believe Don did that!’ and I’ll be like ‘Oh what did he do? I was just looking at the clothes’. I have added about 10 Mad Men style dresses to my wardrobe since the show started a while back. Even more so as the show progresses through the 60s – with all those mod patterns and gingham crops coming through. For someone who not only loves Mad Men and fashion, but also loves blogging – there are a lot of websites and blogs springing up out there giving advice and style tips if you want to recreate the look at home. I found this very informative piece on Mad Men style dresses – well worth a read!

Mad Men style dressesI’m not a size zero, so I feel I’ve been a little side-lined in previous years, but then along comes Christina Hendricks (who plays voluptuous redhead Joan Holloway) and the shops are being hit by Mad Men style dresses catering to more than just little stick figures. At last there are sexy, retro-inspired pieces for the curvier lady. Thank you very much Katherine Jane Bryant.

For those of you who don’t know, Katherine Jane Bryant is the chief costume designer, the fashion genius behind the class and style of Mad Men’s main movers and shakers (she is also costume designer for Deadwood – but I know in which style I’d rather be dressed!). She has won Emmys for her work and is regularly featured on top ten lists of most influential people in the world of fashion. The fashion on Mad Men has led to a small revolution in contemporary fashion with retro style making a comeback, on both men and women’s clothing lines. Many designers and stores have launched special edition suits or entire collections inspired (implicitly and explicitly) by the fashions on the show. Bryant herself launched a Mad Men collection through Banana Republic a few years ago, and it is still going strong as far as I know. Her designs are fantastic examples of just what makes Mad Men fashion so popular. Brooks Brothers, who already make a lot of suits with the timeless classic appeal of Don Draper, made a special limited edition Mad Men suit.

mad-men-dressNot only clothes for the curvier lady, the show has also reinvented clothes for the more individually minded young woman, who might want to wear something with style, class but also originality. We don’t all want to wear little black dresses. Suddenly back in fashion there are bohemian, hippie patterns and bold colours, creeping hemlines and sharply cut nick lines. I’m even more intrigued to see there this is going should the show keep on going into the seventies, a little Saturday Night Fever – esque, white suits and black shirts?